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      Employing mechanism:

      Related description:

      1、Assist the project manager to deal with the major equipment quality problems, assist and submit the related report and preventive measures, and promote the implementation of preventive measures.

      2、According to the operation instructions and process documents and related processes, in SMT field operators, technicians of business management, through to the production site strict process control, production process of optimization and line balancing optimization. Improve product quality and work efficiency.

      3、Conduct product analysis, material loss control.

      4、Training and examination of operators.

      Have condition:

      1、Familiar with new product introduction, SMT steel network specification development process, new product process document production, familiar with reflow process.

      2、Familiar with product process improvement, SMT equipment, AOI process has a certain understanding, with the industry experience more than 5 years.

      3、Has a unique understanding of the use of solder paste.

      4、Familiar with adhesive brushing and dispensing process.

      5、Familiar with the YAMAHA series, the series, Samsung series, such as pan with the program, repair, repair technology.

      6、Able to carry out equipment programming and production equipment debugging and maintenance, maintenance, can independently take care of the production line, the equipment to do weeks, months, seasons maintenance correction.

      7、Can accurately determine the equipment spare parts abnormal problems and replacement.

      8、Knowledge of site 6S management and SMT process knowledge.


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